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Finest Ways of Teasing a Man with Hands and Mouth before Sex

Posted On: Aug 18, 2022 by ENB Admin
Finest Ways of Teasing a Man with Hands and Mouth before Sex

Teasing is one of the reliable techniques in making any sexual intercourse more remarkable and outstanding. Before sex, if the girl is able to tease a man properly so in the result, a man’s libido can touch its peak in an instant. This teasing can be surprisingly arousing and fun to perform with your male partner because it can also be assisting you in fantasizing about many wild thoughts. A girl’s hands and her mouth play a vital role in teasing men in a more arousing and sensual manner. Without any further ado let’s talk about those sensual ways of teasing him with hands and mouth before sexual intercourse.

Ways of Teasing a Man with Hands and Mouth before Sex

  • Dirty talk with little touching

When it comes to teasing any man then a girl’s dirty talk can be really helpful and while you are talking dirty with him make sure you slide your hands on his face and body at a turtle pace. By doing this your male partner’s sexual desire will start increasing rapidly and you both will be able to enjoy this erotic moment cheerfully. However, do not rush to have intercourse after this because there are more techniques to play teasing with your male partner.

  • Make a sensual face while touching your body

Making a horny face while slowly touching your bosoms, butt and other body parts makes you and your partner more excited than ever. However, you should not let him touch you, you just have to showcase your hot desires at a good distance. By doing this your partner will crave to have sex but still, if you want to make things more exciting then you must force him to wait for more tricks you have in your sleeves.

  • Offer him a sensual massage

Massage is one of the optimum ways of making you and your male partner more excited and turned on. If you want to tease your partner with merely your hands in addition to your mouth then massage is the option that can make things work out for you. You need to tell him to lie down with a nude body then you will slowly drive your hands on his body while doing this you should also continue your dirty talk and with that, you will be able to arouse your sexual pleasure completely.

  • Strip tease and undress him as well

The act of strip tease is superlatively famous around the world and this world-famous technique is always ace to make your male partner more aroused and excited. In the striptease, a girl slowly and erotically removes her clothes in front of her male partner, and with that, her male partner gets sexual satisfaction by watching her strip. However, after completing your striptease you should undress your male partner in the same erotic way and tease his body by grabbing his cock and biting his nipples.