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How to Charge a Man - Guide for Escorts

Posted On: Jun 10, 2022 by ENB Admin
How to Charge a Man - Guide for Escorts

Loneliness and depression surrounds many lives. On an average, every other man in Singapore looks for open relationship options. With growing demand for independent relationship, the need of adult services has increased. If you took confident step to register as private escort, then it’s important for you to manage the charges according to the service. Apart from work offs; an average escort receives more than dozen of paid companionship requests every day. Some clients call for out-call service, while many wish to visit the in-call venue. Focus to decide the charges as per your comfort and earn extra profit by offering surprise services.

Follow Standard Escort Service Charges for More Client Inflow

Play smart when dealing with unknown lovers. The adult service industry operates independently and several individual think to deal with customers without any medium. Direct client handling becomes troublesome, so ensure to register with reliable nearby adult service club. The professionals help to create attractive portfolio and promote the escort profile with interested clients. Additionally, the adult club manage the service charges and payment on behalf of the registered model.

Apply Standard Escort Charges

To attract more clients and lead ahead of competitors, you should ensure to plan to highlight standard adult service charges.

  • In-call venue: As this service allows the client to meet you in private, do ensure to include charges for value added services as parking, food, drinks, and leisure activities.
  • Out-call charges: If the client wants you to meet at the pre-booked hotel room, request for traveling expense.
  • Fake girlfriend experience: Many lonely men come with broken heart to receive pampering treatment. For depressed singles, the hourly package plan is ideal, as it meets the budget of average man.
  • Additional services: Apart from one to one hourly meeting, a client may request for threesome or erotic character roleplay. Always ensure to keep standard charges for additional adult services. If you keep high charges, the client may choose the competitor offering same services at discounted cost.
  • BDSM: Bondage, domination, and submission are highly demanded by desperate single men/women and Lesbians. For BDSM service, the charges are high in compare to other adult services. Create special package for the interested clients at reasonable cost and experience more visitors.