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Initial Steps

  1. Login
  2. After login you'll see Settings menu item instead of Registration. Settings area is the only place where you(escort) make all the changes to your profile.
  3. Login Details, Identification, Personal Description, Location, Working Hours, Enjoys List, My Rates menu items provide you the flexibility to enter your information.
  4. Upload images now from Images menu item in Settings area.
  5. Make your profile pic(necessary step in order to appear your profile to the escort gallery) from the uploaded pics, it is done in My Profile Pic menu item by hovering over an image and clicking on the tick mark in upper left corner. Once done, the profile pic gets highlighted border to give you clear impression that this one is your profile pic and also mouse hover over profile pic will not bring tick mark to make it profile pic as it is already your profile pic.
  6. Name, Location, Incalls or Outcalls info, Profice Pic and Approval are must for profile to appear in gallery.
  7. To delete an uploaded image, you have to hover your mouse on an image in Images menu item place, that brings a cross icon on upper left of the image, just click and confirm.
  8. That is all.

Registration and Login

To register

This page just asks for a valid email of yours(the escort) on which auto-generated password is sent to login.

To login

  1. To login just type in your email and password on login page.
  2. After login you(escort) are taken to your profile page and you have Settings and Logout menu items in place of Registration and Login. From Settings area, you can make all changes related to your profile.


Images menu item opens a page where you can upload multiple images of an escort at the same time. The upload is complete, images will be displayed below the form.

To sort images display order

If you need to change the orders of the images that come on your profile, you can do so by drag and drop feature provided in the Settings area using the Image(Thumbnail) Preview Order menu item.

To delete images

To delete an image, you take your mouse over an image in Images area that brings a cross icon on the upper left of the image. You have to click on that cross sign. It will ask for confimation.

To make your profile pic

To make a pic Profile pic, in My Profile Pic area you have to hover your mouse on a pic that brings a tick mark on the upper left corner. You have to just click on that. It will ask for confirmation.

Once a pic is marked as profile pic, it gets its border highlighted so as to give you clear impression that it's your profile pic. You don't get tick mark on mouse hover on your profile pic because it is already set and at a time there can be only one.

Forgot Password Help

You just need to contact the admin they wil reset your password.

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